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Fernando Ramirez

Founder, Executive Director
About Me

Fernando Ramirez is the founder and executive director of Miscio, a learning company dedicated to helping individuals leverage education to pursue their calling. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, he has been involved in global impact work for the past decade and is driven by a passion for education and helping people live out their calling.

Why Study Through Miscio?

Miscio makes access to great education easy.

World Class Education

Obtain an Internationally Accredited Degree from our American University Partners

Global Community

Connect with a wide array of students from around the world.

Localized Tuition

Miscio works so that you only have to pay a fraction of the American Tuition Price. You pay term by term, not all at once.

Valuable Mentorship

Join your global peers and receive mentorship from our dedicated network of leaders and professionals.

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