Student Experience

Miscio believes in re-imagining student experience by improving each of its three key components.

Learning Experience

We know that online learning is still a work in progress, this is why we are developing new programs and working with our partners to re-imagine their curriculum, platforms, and systems to ensure effective outcomes.

  • Our partners are designing curriculum with the international student in mind, avoiding unreachable study materials.

  • We know the stats around self-guided learning, they're not great. We're big believers in cohort learning.

  • When accredited programs don't meet a specific need, we design certificates that are relevant and contextualized.

Personalized Experience

Community matters. Regardless of the program, all Miscio students are part of a global network of students where they can connect and collaborate even after program completion.

  • No student wants to learn alone, this is why we are committed to developing thriving digital communities for deeper connection.

  • Students have the choice to be connected with a marketplace mentor who walks alongside them to provide guidance and support.

  • Along with a community for students, we also have a community for mentors where they can learn best practices and get value for pouring into others.

Customer Experience

Higher Education has been know for its low customer care standards all over the world. We want to change this.

  • Our global team guides students through the complexities of educational systems to get them approved and enrolled in their desired program of study.

  • We keep adding ways for students to pay for their tuition even if they don't have a bank account or credit card.

  • We believe in partnerships. We always work to meet the needs of partners who are trying to extend access to education within their networks.

What To Expect

Depending on Your Program of Interest, you Should Expect the Following Progress

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Payment & Enrollment

If everything checks out, we will finalize initial payment and enrollment into your program of choice.

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