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Through the Miscio Mentors program, you don't just get certified through the Leadership Edge Institute, you also join a global digital community where you will have access to opportunities, world class speakers, and ongoing training.

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Why Become a Miscio mentor

Leadership is Earned, Mentorship is Learned

World Class Training

Our comprehensive certification process equips you with the tools, resources, and training necessary to excel in your role as a mentor.

Best Value for Your Needs

Miscio is committed to investing in the life of its active mentors long after they get certified.

Exclusive Access to Global Events

Active Miscio mentors get to be part of a global community where they will learn from top leaders from different industries.

Transformational Impact

Our mentors are an integral part of the Miscio experience, providing personalized guidance, support, and motivation to ensure every student reaches their full potential.

Whole-life Development

Miscio mentors don't just give of their time to make an impact in the life of students. They get to transform their spheres of influence by applying what they learn in the community.

Access to Education

Mentors who are involved in the community will enjoy additional educational resources and discounts for select graduate programs.

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What Our Students Think

“What I love about Miscio is the fact that the education focuses on the whole person: spirit, soul, and body. Miscio considers the success of each area.”

Samuel Paul Kisakye, Student @ Southeastern University

“Before Miscio I was struggling with how to find credible, reliable education while still being able to focus on Christ. Miscio shows us that we can live out who we are in Christ while continuing to engage with the marketplace.”

Sylivin Gumisiriza, MBA Student @ Southeastern University

“Miscio is building a generation that will transform the world. I found my degree to be both professional and useful when I had to navigate the Covid-19 crisis in my community.”

Florence Ofwono, Student @ Southeastern University

Miscio Mentor Program

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